Love of God and Love of the Neighbour or Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbour

Professor David de Kretser, AC, Governor of Victoria, accompanied by Mrs de Kretser, launched the World Interfaith Harmony Week in Melbourne at a luncheon for over 80 religious and spiritual leaders, in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House on the 1st February. The Hon. Ted Baillieu, Premier of Victoria, sent a congratulatory message to be read out to the guests.

The first Religion and Education in Multifaith Australia Roundtable, hosted by the UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations - Asia Pacific, Monash University, Religions for Peace, Australia and the Together for Humanity Foundation, was held at Monash University on the 2nd December 2010. This symposium was convened to mark the one-year anniversary of the 2009 Melbourne Parliament of World’s Religions. The second Religion and Education in Multifaith Australia Roundtable was convened by the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University on the 21st February 2011.

Twelve months after the staging of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, nearly 200 people came together at St Kilda Town Hall on Sunday afternoon November 14th to remember the Parliament, find out what has happened since, and make commitments for the future.

The Anniversary event, “A world of difference … just around the corner” was organised by the Faith Communities Council of Victoria, which is committed to maintaining and further developing the relationships and energy generated by the Parliament.  It brought together not only former Parliament Board members, staff, volunteers, presenters and participants, but also people who had been unable to attend the Parliament itself and wanted to take this final opportunity to be part of the experience.

The United Nations General Assembly passes a stack of resolutions every year and many of them go all but unnoticed.  One such document just approved in New York established a new World Interfaith Harmony Week. High-minded resolutions put most news junkies to sleep, so it’s probably no surprise this one got such scant media coverage. But there’s more to this one than meets the glazed-over eye.

Thursday, 25 November 2010                       

On behalf of Victoria’s faith communities, we, the members of the Multifaith Advisory Group, join together on White Ribbon Day to voice our support for women affected by violence and to unequivocally denounce such violence.

‘To Belong, I need to be Missed’ – Disability and inclusion in faith communities

During the past year, the Uniting Church in Victoria, with support from the Office for Disability, has undertaken a research project to investigate the experiences of people with disabilities and faith leaders, from Buddhist, Christian, Jewish and Muslim perspectives.

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