On 23 August 2014, more than 200 leading women from all over Victoria participated in the Serving Humanity Interfaith Symposium luncheon organized by the Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria at ‘Bait-ul-Salam’ (House of Peace) mosque, Langwarrin.

Conference speakers included Hon. Ms Christine Fyffe (MP for Evelyn and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly), Hon. Ms Inga Peulich (Cabinet Secretary & MP for South East Metropolitan Region), Hon. Ms Judith Graly (State MP for Narre warren South), Ms Peggy Page (Chairperson of Buddhist council of Victoria), Ms Pam Memoney OAM, Casey Interfaith Network, Ms Jo Silver (Secretary for the Jewish Christian Muslim Association, Director for the Online Hate Prevention Institute), Ms Diana Cousens (Buddhist Documenter and University Administrator) and Ms Jay Robinson (Multifaith chaplain at Monash University). 


Hon. Christine Fyffe (MP for Evelyn and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly) also attended the event on behalf of Victoria’s Minister for Women Affairs, Hon. Heidi Victoria. Hon. Fyffe said that the Minister had a prior commitment but she sent her warm greetings and best wishes for the success of the symposium. She said that the event in also in Premier’s notice who was happy about the symposium and the Ahmadiyya community’s efforts for peace and integration.   

Mrs. Kaukab Nasir, President of Women’s Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria said that the aims of this event was to invite delegates from different faiths and professional backgrounds to promote integration and dialogue that brings together interfaith networks, parliamentarians and civics to share their thoughts on promoting and safeguarding the rights of mankind in today's world. She said that the event is growing every year and we are getting a lot of positive feedback from our friends and community members. 

The program started at 11:30 am with the recitation of Holy Quran followed by its English translation. A brief introduction was presented about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement in Islam and its Holy founder’s teachings about Islam and serving humanity.


All the guest speakers spoke very high about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s values and their social activities that bring people of all faiths and of no faiths at one platform – serving humanity.  Apart from the guest speakers, Mayor Mary Lalios (City of Whittlesea), Jane Taylor (wife of Mayor Darrel Taylor City of Frankston), Joy Ablett (wife of Mayor Geoff Ablett City of Casey), Cr Amanda Stapledon, wives of local councillors from City of Casey and City of Frankston, Anglican Church Ladies, Interfaith networks President and members, Police sergeants, University Chaplains, Members of Red Cross and Salvation Army, School Principals, teachers, personal guests and neighbours attended the event. 

A special ‘The Holy Quran Exhibition’ and a book stall were on display for attendees. A stall of Hina/Mahndi and Bangles was also installed to tattoo each other’s hands. Many guests graciously donated money for a worldwide charity and disaster relief organization ‘Humanity First’. Speakers and attendees were presented with gifts and souvenirs with a message of 'Love for All- Hatred for None' printed on them.  

The Interfaith Symposium concluded after Lunch. Guests left very welcoming and heart-warming comments and feedback on the guest book. The event is held on regular annual basis and Women Auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria can be contacted for further information and dates for next event.

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