Volunteers are sought to help serve up The Fast Supper, a mobile food van being run by young people who are passionate about getting religious groups to work together for the common good.

Hope MobileThe Fast Supper will deliver a free nutritious meal each week to people in need in the South Melbourne area. It is being run by InterAction, the peak youth multifaith organisation in Victoria, with support from the Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

Freeman Trebilcock, 22 year old Budddhist and the co-founder of InterAction, says: “Reaching out to people in need is central to the ethics of all religions and secular society. That’s why we started the Fast Supper; because a mobile food van is a great platform for bringing young people from different walks-of-life to work together.”

So far the program is small, but according to Freeman it is just the beginning: “We’ve had a lot of support from different religious groups, and with their support we hope to expand our resources to more people in difficult times.”

InterAction is now calling on like-minded and passionate volunteers from both religious and non-religious backgrounds to join their team. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Christina Ghobadi on 0411 374 216 or christina@interaction.org.au


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