Religion, Peace & the Moral Issues of Fully Autonomous Weapons: Religions for Peace

Religion, Peace & the Moral Issues of Fully Autonomous Weapons: Religions for Peace

From September 22, 2022 19:00 until September 22, 2022 20:30

At Melbourne VIC 3000

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Religions for Peace Australia invites you to:

Religion, Peace & the Moral Issues of Fully Autonomous Weapons | International Day of Peace

Date: Thursday 22 September 2022    Time: 7pm to 8.30pm
Location: Victorian Quaker Centre, 484 William Street, West Melbourne, Vic, 3003
or Online via Zoom

Due to our growing concerns surrounding fully autonomous weapons or ‘Killer Robots’, Religions for Peace Australia, Quakers Victoria, Pax Christi Victoria, URI, Canberra Interfaith Forum, The Multifaith Association of South Australia, Stop Killer Robots Australia and others are jointly hosting an informative and interactive event in person and online. Autonomous Weapons will be able to select and engage targets without meaningful human control. They use artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to make life and death decisions without human compassion, judgment or morality

We invite you to join all people of conscience and faith in speaking out to preserve our humanity. As it says in the Interfaith Statement on Killer Robots “Instead of placing our faith in technologies that unaccountably kill, maim and destroy human life, we devote ourselves to building cultures of peace, nonviolence, dialogue, and mutual cooperation, respecting the dignity of difference.”

Speakers include:

  • Philippa Rowlands – Chair, Religions for Peace Australia
  • Caesar D’Mello - Pax Christi Australia
  • Rev. Chris Parnell - Religions for Peace Australia
  • Matilda Byrne - Stop Killer Robots Australia
  • Dean Sahu Khan – Canberra Interfaith Forum

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