Paryushana | Jainism

From August 31, 2024 14:31 until September 07, 2024 05:30

Paryushana | Jainism

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Holy Day: Paryushana

Start date: Saturday 31 August 2024
End date: Saturday 19 September 2024
Faith: Jainism

Description: ‘Paryushana’ means ‘to stay in one place’, signifying a time of reflection and repentance for nuns and monks. For lay Jains (Swetamber sect), this eight-day festival is an inward journey of reflection, a time for fasting, taking vows, and imposing restrictions on oneself to keep the mind firmly fixed on spirituality.

To the Jain community, on this holy day of Mahaparva Paryushan, may you grant forgiveness to all living beings, amd may all living beings grant you forgiveness.



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