On Monday, February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict surprised many people throughout the world by announcing that he would resign from the papacy, effective 8:00 PM (Roman time) on February 28, 2013. While Benedict’s decision astounded many, he himself had already publicly stated that if a pope were no longer able to carry out the responsibilities of the office, he had the option, and possibly the obligation, to resign.

Benedict XVI’s papacy has been marked by ups and downs. There was more than one colossal “faux pas” (.e.g the Regensburg speech) with regard to Muslims (and the Bishop Williamson affair). Overall, however, Benedict generally kept intact the interreligious thrust of the Catholic Church generated by Vatican II. But he did not do much to advance that thrust beyond his predecessor John Paul II.

19 February 2013

A coalition of organisations and individuals from across Victoria have come together to reaffirm, in a joint statement, their support of Victoria’s multicultural and multifaith community.

On Friday 1st of February 2013, 70 people from various religious and spiritual traditions gathered for morning tea at Queens Hall Parliament House to celebrate the United Nations Interfaith Harmony Week.

On December 21st 2012, 200 people from various religious and spiritual backgrounds came together at Catani Gardens in St Kilda to celebrate Global Healing Day, an event organised by the Planetary Healing Artists Association of Australia.

GECC – Gippsland Interfaith completed their first year with a spectacular Interfaith activity in Morwell recently. Entitled a “Taste of Faith”, the  various faith traditions of Gippsland were invited to demonstrate how food plays an important part in their worship practice.

The Moonee Valley Interfaith Network said goodbye to 2012 with their end of year celebration on Thursday the 13th of December - an evening of delicious food, inspiring conversations and connection with the Interfaith community.

On Friday the 26th of October 2012, the Mornington Peninsula Interfaith Network (MPIN) hosted a silent retreat at the Brahma Kumaris Retreat Centre in South Frankston. The theme of the retreat was “One World: People of many faith traditions coming together in shared prayer and meditation to reflect on compassion and peace.”

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