The Victorian Coalition has promised to bring religious education back into class time in government schools if it wins next month's state election.

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Source: ABC

20181211neopagansFor centuries, Russia’s pagans practiced their faith on the fringes. But lately, the community of rodnovers, or neopagans, is growing — and finding a home in the country’s biggest cities.

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Source: Washington Post

The Faith Communities Council of Victoria has issued the following statement in response to the massacre at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pennsylvania:

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Trappist Fr. Thomas Keating, a global figure in both interreligious dialogue and Christian contemplative prayer, has died at the age of 95.

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Source: The National Catholic Reporter


A delegation of faith leaders has met with Immigration Minister David Coleman and shadow minister Shayne Neumann to discuss the plight of asylum-seeker children on Nauru.

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Source: Catholic News

20181109minorityRida Khan is a Sufi Muslim and a bisexual — and she wants to shatter some misconceptions.

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Source: ABC


The UN Human Rights Committee criticised France's so-called burqa ban, saying the law "violated" the rights of two women who were fined for wearing full-face veils in public.

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Source: SBS

20181101smokingceremonyThe Sydney Anglican Diocese has backed down on a controversial policy banning smoking ceremonies on any property owned by the church following outrage from Indigenous leaders, school principals and priests.

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 Source: ABC

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