20190514 buddhistinindonesia

Indonesia's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by a woman whose complaint about the volume of mosque loudspeakers led to an 18-month prison sentence for blasphemy.

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20190507 welcomeattable

More than 30 per cent of all marriages in Australia are now between two people born in different countries. Denne Cruz is in one of those marriages and knows all too well the difficulties of making an interfaith relationship work.

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Source: SBS

20190515 sikhsplanttrees

Sikhs around the world are taking part in a scheme to plant a million new trees as a “gift to the entire planet”.

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Source: The Guardian

20190504 cmfn13bday

The Casey Multi-Faith Network has celebrated 13 wonderful years in the community in promoting positive relations between people of different faiths.

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Source: Berwick News

20190512 christiandoctor

I was raised in a Christian family, where I was given a fair amount of opportunity to decide for myself if I wanted to go to church, and which faith of Christianity I wanted to be in.

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Source: ABC

20190513 pope

Authentic interreligious dialogue, Pope Francis said Saturday in Morocco, is a way to combat terrorism.

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A Canadian province has introduced legislation that would bar civil servants in positions of "authority" from wearing religious symbols at work.

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Source: BBC

A number of peak faith groups and interfaith/multifaith organisations have expressed their solidarity with the Muslim community in response to the recent acts of violence at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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