Faith Stories: Women's Federation for World Peace

From March 06, 2021 10:00 until March 06, 2021 15:30

Women's Federation for World Peace invites you to:

Faith Stories | Conversations & Story Telling
Theme: Mystics

Date: Saturday 6 March 2021     Time: 10am to 3:30pm
Location: WFWP Reqional Headquarter, 42-46 Bartley Road, Belgrave Heights 

Every day we are bombarded with stories and images of racial and religious tension. What we rarely see and hear about are the stories of a small group of women in the Yarra Ranges who are working to create a culture of cohesion and harmony via connecting communities. We believe that acceptance and respect come from understanding each other's values, beliefs and most importantly our similarities rather than differences.

Faith Stories generates such a heartfelt response from the audience, you will have the opportunity to ask the most honest questions to each speaker. A person’s stereotypes about another’s faith practice causes division, rather than understanding. Are you ready to hear understanding? Are you ready to see the difference between culture and faith? Are you ready to open your heart?

It is our hope that these conversations will start a ripple effect of understanding that will spread and eventually be a catalyst to alleviate unfounded stereotypes hindering community cohesion.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

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Free event (entry gift requested) | For flyer with names of speakers and agenda, click here

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